Monday, April 27, 2020

From The Sublime... the ridiculous.

This is a two-sided David Klingler laminated drink coaster. It was a $1 buy at the last TriStar show. It's exactly what I went there to find.*   It sits next to my keyboard at the moment.

*=that's just bullshit.

Oh, I forgot to include this '67 in my last post. Helluva lot of talent here I'd say.


  1. A. Never seen these Action Packed Coastars before. Searched eBay and there's a Favre in that set that I'll be tracking down.

    B. 4 hall of famers on one card = a very cool league leaders card.

    1. I'd never seen them either. The guy who had them has a table full of oddball stuff. And yes, that LL card is a beaut.

  2. Surprising that there's a market for anything David Klingler.

    In the 1960s, almost every player appearing on those leader cards ended up in the HOF. Those were great cards, especially the Koufax sweeps.