Wednesday, April 10, 2019

1984 Stuart's Expos Set .... w/Youppi!! ¯\_㋡_/¯

I recently mentioned that I've always had a soft spot for expansion teams, the Expos and Pilots in particular. I really don't chase much of their memorabilia, I have enough things on my plate, but a few items have found a place in my collection. Most of it is from the 1969 editions of the teams. (Of course, that was the only year for the Pilots.) and most of what I have are publications.... yearbooks and game programs and a few oddball items.

After years of rotating through 'favorite' NL teams (the Dodgers, Phillies, and Giants at one time or another) I settled on the Expos when I visited Montreal in 1969 and attended a game that August. Several years ago I found this 40 card set on a table at a large Houston show. The dealer was a former card shop owner who was still in the process of clearing his inventory and being a part-time show promoter (he still is, I believe).

This is the '84 edition of the Stuart's Bakery set. There is also a 1983 edition. The '84 Expos were less than the sum of their parts it seems. Lots of name players and yet the team finished fifth in the NL East. But, no matter. These are attractive cards with some neat 'specials'.

These are standard sized cards with bright, clean fronts. The card stock feels a bit 'rough', you can see 'fibers' on the back of some of them. The cards were not cut very precisely meaning they have very slight differences in width which is noticeable when they are stacked. Maybe they used O-Pee-Chee's press room.  👀😞

As you'd expect, the backs are bilingual.

A lot of people think this is the best uniform the club ever wore. I'm partial to the original set but these are pretty sharp.

One thing about Pete Rose...he always looks like Pete Rose.

Chris Speier spent half of 1984 with the Cardinals after the Expos dealt him off in July.

Rock led the majors with 75 steals.

Steve Rogers' days as a frontline pitcher were over. He lost 15 games and only had one year left in the bigs.

Bill Gullickson won 12 games in a sort of shared ace role with Charlie Lea. 

When the Expos moved to Washington their mascot, Youppi!, landed on his feet with a new gig as the Canadiens' mascot.

Now would be a good time to post this video.

Bill Virdon didn't last the season in Montreal. With about a month left in the season, he was replaced by Jim Fanning. This was the last managing job he held.

Felipe Alou was still about eight years from taking on his role as the Expos' manager.

Here is a multi-player card with some of the bigger names on the club.

Dawson and Raines.

Bill Virdon and staff.

The team card has some minutiae on the back such as oldest, tallest, etc.

The last card had the checklist on the back.

Fun little set. Well designed (if not especially well made) and it looks nice in a binder. Hard to beat 80sfood issues, especially if they are authorized and have logos. 


  1. That set is a beauty, I have to get that Youppi card.

  2. This is a fun design and while there's no logical reason for me to try and get one of these cards I might just do so.

  3. Beautiful set. Youppi is the star of the set... but those combo cards aren't a bad supporting cast. And the individual cards of Carter, Raines, Wallach, Reardon, Dawson, Rose, and Rogers aren't too shabby either.

  4. I've got a set of the '83s, and an extra Speier for my PC, but I didn't realize there was an '84 set too. They are even nicer!

  5. That Virdon and Staff card was soooooo hard for me to find as a single. I had it on my want list for like 8 years before I found one. I knew all along that I could have just bought the set and got it but I also knew that it would show up as a single eventually. I had no idea it would take that long though.

  6. I have a ticket and scorecard from the Expos' 1974 spring training in Daytona Beach, on my 1960s blog.

  7. As I read your post, I was thinking "Nice cards! I need to get that Carter... and that Rose... and that Rogers... and that All-Star card... Jeez, Maybe I should just get the whole set."