Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Don Newcombe

I had something different planned for this post but I heard of Don Newcombe's passing this morning. I don't really have a dedicated Newcombe collection but he was one of those guys who just happened to have a lot of great cards. Here's my favorite, his 1954 Bowman:

Newcombe was, of course, a terrific pitcher and competitor, the first-ever Cy Young winner. But he was much more. He spent much of his post-career time helping others fight a battle he had won earlier, the rocky road to sobriety. It's a subject close to my heart.

I did a Newcombe post back in 2015. That was a spin-off of a Night Owl post featuring Newcombe's '56 Topps card a few weeks prior. Tonight, as I thought he would, Greg has a nice tribute to the late Dodgers star. Plenty of cool cards on that one, both vintage and modern. If you haven't already done so, check it out. You'll see what I mean about Newcombe having so many sweet cards.



  1. I live near Nashua NH, where Newcombe and Roy Campanella played together in 1946. I often pass by this mural https://flic.kr/p/ecxRj.

  2. Your mini collection is really great, especially the '54!

  3. I was just reading about his struggles with alcohol in the 50's and 60's... and how he later helped others to fight substance abuse. Wish I had learned more about him before his passing.