Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy Presidents Day!

I'm gonna celebrate the day (it's also both my wife's and my late mother's birthday) by getting the oil changed on my wife's car, taking her to a movie and making breakfast tacos. But first I'm gonna post some cards from my Presidential card collection. In no particular order:

1952 Bowman Abe Lincoln. Our greatest President. If you are real quiet you can hear him spinning in his grave at this very moment.

2011 Obak John Kennedy mini

Jerry Ford graces the flip side of JFK's card.

A bunch of my favorite Presidents from the 2011 Panini set. These are sweet cards. First up...Honest Abe.

Teddy Roosevelt

LBJ My favorite President.

Bill Clinton

Here is the 1972 Topps LBJ

2015 Topps Presidential Chronicles Jimmy Carter

And JFK form that same set. Photo taken at Rice Stadium in Houston.

1956 Topps Calvin Coolidge.

And last but not least is my newest Presidential card. This is from the Barack Obama hosts the Cubs Topps now cards. I think there are three. I have this one.

If you have off today I hope you enjoy it. Again, Happy Presidents' Day!!

Oh how I long for those heady times when we actually had a President!


  1. win! Your President's Day plans are better, and your Presidential cards are way better. The Abe Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, and LBJ all look like the same design, though they (obviously) were released in different years. That's a great bit of continuity by Topps.

    The Presidential Chronicles cards are really nice, and that Topps Now Obama is awesome. I'm so proud of the Cubs squeezing in their White House visit while he was still in office. I've been on the lookout for an Obama card but haven't been able to choose one.

    Great cards. Enjoy your day off!

    1. Thanks Chris....I think I read about the Bowman-->Topps line of succession on those Prez cards somewhere not long ago. I have a few of each edition. Sometime when I've caught up with other projects I'll tackle one of those sets. None are too hard I don't think.

    2. After Topps bought out Bowman they reissued the set and updated it to current. I think they used the same artwork with a lot of updating in 1972 but i am not totally sure. I have about 3/4ths of the Bowman release but I am missing the big ones including Abe. They are all really rough but I will not complain for the price I paid...$3 for the whole stack!

  2. I was wondering what the heck that noise was last night. Kept on thinking there was a raccoon in my attic. Good to know that it was only Abe spinning in his grave.

    P.S. Cool cards. Especially the 52 & 72 Topps.

  3. I admittedly didn't realize there are so many President cards. I went to COMC and looked up Reagan and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for calling it to my attention!

  4. Great variety. The Panini's have a classic look to them. And as a Cubs fan I can't help but like the Obama. Rizzo noted he saw what I guess was a plaque that said, "Hard things are hard". Like back to back WS Championships. Or running the country.

  5. Cool stuff! Presidents are one of the more popular subjects for cards, I think the first set issued for them dates to 1880...If you have not seen the 2004 Upper Deck History of the United States set you should check it out, every president to that time has at least one card. The full gallery is on the Trading Card Database.

    1. Thanks Billy. One of my problems (among many LOL) is the fact that my non-sports stuff isn't very organized. I have all kinds of presidential cards in a box mixed in with Combat!, Batman and Soupy Sales cards. I am promising myself to get it all together soon. I'm going to start a presidential card binder.

      BTW...I had my offer accepted for that '04 History set. I'll have it in hand soon.

    2. I think you'll enjoy it...I bought myself the factory set on Ebay a few years ago. Picked up a few inserts in trade over the years as well