Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TTM from Bobby Shantz

Yesterday I received my return envelope from Bobby Shantz. He signed three cards (more on that in a bit) and replied to my question. I'd heard he was a very good TTM signer and since I had seen him pitch and he was a favorite of my father I thought I'd send these off.

I actually didn't intend to send three cards. I normally would keep it to two. I often see that people send multiples of large numbers but to me (and this is not a criticism of anyone) one or two seems right.

I had the two Bowmans and the note in an envelope and ready to go a few weeks back after picking them up at a card show. But when the really sweet 1960 was available on COMC I bought it. I thought it would be cool to have a signed Shantz as part of my 1960 project. I had both Bowmans in one sleeve and intended to remove one but in my haste I just added the 1960 card to the envelope and off they went.

They came back in about a week. I've really happy with the sigs and how Bobby inscribed them. I had spent some time looking for a particular 8x10 of him in a Houston Colt .45s uni but ironically I couldn't find one that wasn't already signed and inscribed. But the cards and note will do just fine.

Bobby Shantz now joins Lindy McDaniel and Billy Pierce in my small but meaningful (to me) collection of sigs from players that connect me to my Dad.

Maybe I'll try a non-pitcher next!

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  1. These are so great! The cards, the signatures, the memories and comments he wrote on your letter... Fine additions to your collection!