Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I think I did pretty well

Please allow me to pat myself on the back (and after the debacle of my last post I need it). What you see above is the photo of the cards contained in the eBay listing that fell into my lap for $21 over the weekend.

Nine 1960 Topps cards that cost me $2 and change apiece with shipping factored in. Even when you take into account that I had the Nellie Fox card already that's quite a deal. Now the Gibson and Mathews cards have creases, and the Colavito isn't great but the others more than make up for it. The Whitey Ford card is in at least excellent condition and the Robin Roberts and Nellie Fox cards are close. The Fox will be an upgrade over the one in my binder now.

I'm saving the actual scans for my 1960 Topps blog but I was so pleased with the cards when they arrived I wanted to show them off.


  1. That is a good deal. You got some big names!

  2. Those are very nice indeed! I picked up that Mathews last weekend for $1, but it has some paper loss and is one of those "I'll buy it now, but I'm still looking for a better one."

  3. Turn yourself in to the authorities... you ripped that guy off! Great purchase. I especially love the Whitey Ford.