Friday, February 28, 2014

Three Rules for joining my Hockey Collection

Rule One... Be a Rangers card.

And this one of Ranger Defenseman Ryan McDonagh fits the bill. It is a 2013/'14 Score and came from Jeff at 2x3 Heroes and was part of his 'Tis the Season giveaway. He had cards up for grabs and all you needed to do to claim them was ask. I asked for his hockey stack and I got it, with a bonus.

McDonagh's card is a good one, too. He's wearing the Rangers' beautiful blue sweater, the card colors match the team colors and there is a team logo. Ipso facto, I like it.

Rule Two... be a card of an Original Six player. No curmudgeonly rant but I just like those old school unis the best. Lot's of memories of a time I knew all six goalies in the league, hell I knew every player in the league. 

And Jeff's mailing contained Original Six guys:

Growing up there were a few 'givens' among me and my friends. First, school sucked; second, Barbara C., who none of us had the guts to talk to, was hotter than Annette Funicello any day; and finally, the BlackHawks wore the best uniforms in the history of forever.

You couldn't go to your computer and order you one up like you can today obviously. The only place that you could see (and touch!!) a Hawks' sweater that wasn't on a players' back was at Gerry Cosby's Sporting Goods outside on the ground floor of the Madison Square Garden building. And to a couple of kids making $10 a week throwing the Newark Evening News, a real NHL jersey was a pipe dream at best.

The Habs', Leafs', Bruins' and Wings' gear isn't too shabby either, is it? 

Rule Three..... be a goalie's card. I'm partial towards goalies and always have been because that was my spot. And there were plenty in Jeff's stack.

Here are a few.

And there was also a nice card of the guy Ranger fans love to hate... MAAAAAARTY!  MAAAAARTY!

Jeff thought the hockey stack was inadequate (it wasn't, I loved it) so he added in a pile of Orioles cards. I'll make another post out of those. 

Thank's Jeff, You are one of blogging's 'good guys'!


  1. Nothing like the original six uni's. Everybody around me growing up had the spoked B. Yes you did know every guy on every roster. I think it was still possible even when they moved to 12 and 14 teams. Nearly impossible now.

  2. I probably should start setting more rules for my collection... I've been starting to get overwhelmed with all of the different things I collect.