Thursday, February 6, 2014

Poor Cal, Poor Me

I can't say I have terrible luck with statues and bobbleheads I pick up online. I've received quite a few in the last few years and most have been just fine. But there is the exception. And my 'bronze' replica statue of Cal Ripken is one exception.

This is part of the series of replicas of the Camden Yards bronze statues that were placed around the ballpark last season. The others honored Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer and Eddie Murray. And all of those were already in my collection. I waited to pick the Cal Jr. up because I just never saw one at a decent price for a Buy It Now and I lost every auction I bid on because they all went past the price I was willing to pay.

I finally hit one about a month ago and was looking forward to filling out my 'bronze Oriole' shelf. It arrived last week in the condition you see above. The seller really could use a few lessons in packaging. Nothing but the original box banging around inside a shipping box. You can see the results. And so it goes.

I contacted the seller and he apologized and very promptly issued a refund so I guess I'm lucky in that regard. He told me I could just toss the statue rather than send it back which only made sense. No need to cost either of us more $$ or hassle.

Right now my armless Cal is sitting under my desk. I suppose I could attempt a repair using Gorilla glue or something but I'm not that ambitious at the moment. If I can locate another Cal statue for a decent price this one will hit the trash in a hurry.

Here are my previous broken bobbles. Both of these sad stories, as related previously on this blog, have happy endings. Neither involves Gorilla glue.


  1. MAN!!!!! How are people so dumb to NOT learn how to properly and safely secure a shipment?

    1. Just stuffing newspapers down the sides of a box can save a sale and a lot of hassle. I just don't get it.

  2. Bummer. I purchased a small collection of bobbles last year that were damaged. The seller gave me a partial refund and I ended up fixing them with glue. Best of luck in tracking down another Cal for your collection. That bronze figure looks cool.