Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hammer Time #3

Technically this is not a part of my 1959 set that I'm blogging. This is my 'other' Hank Aaron '59 All Star card. I wrote about how I ended up with two of these over on that blog.

I mentioned in that post that I'd be happy yo trade it for something. I got no takers but the offer still stands. If you have a '58 or '60 Topps All Star card that you'd be willing to trade for the Aaron, I'd be all ears.

These '59 All Star cards have grown on me as I've dealt with them but I still rank them behind both the 1958 and 1960 All Star subsets.

Random Hank Aaron Fact: When Hank left the Negro League's Indianapolis Clowns his 2nd base slot was taken over by the first of three women to play in that league, Toni Stone. She is a pretty interesting character and I may have to dig a little deeper on this.

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  1. Wow... kudos to Topps. They did an exceptional job on these card backs.