Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reading is Fundamental

A little while back I bought what I thought was a pair of mini Obak cards off eBay. They were some sort of promo cards from the Obak booth at the 2011 National. 'They' were cheap and featured U.S. Presidents playing college sports so I figured 'What the heck? Why Not?'

Turns out the 'two' cards were just one two-sided card. LOL @ me. That'll teach me to shop late at night and not read the whole description. 

No big deal because I still can show off a couple of my presidential campaign buttons. First a slightly scarred and 1960 Kennedy/Johnson with a rusty back.

And a plain jane President Gerald Ford from 1976. Did you know that President Ford is the only man to serve as president without being elected either president or vice president? 

Gerald Ford replaced Spiro Agnew as VP when Agnew resigned in 1973 and became President when Richard Nixon resigned in 1974. He lost his re-election bid to Jimmy Carter in 1976.

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