Monday, July 1, 2019

Orioles Kangaroo Court Pic

This Topps Frank Robinson card that I posted a bit ago led to a question from Joe Shlabotnik about the picture. The shot comes from the Orioles' glory days (sigh) when they were having fun and winning pennants.

Frank had a 'kangaroo court' where he levied fines for various team infractions like leaving the bases loaded, getting caught stealing, etc.


I went looking for other pics and saw this one for sale. I thought it would be a nice addition to my Frank Robinson collection.

IIRC they took the money at the end of the year and donated it to charity rather than the postseason party as the photo caption states.

The photo library tag is pretty much wrong. Dave Johnson does NOT call the court to order, FRobby does.

My other recent Frank Robinson-related purchase is the memorial patch the O's are wearing this year.

My wife promised to stitch it to my new 'lucky' shirt. I wore this to the only Orioles win in Houston this year. A rare occurrence (the win, not my wearing a shirt).


  1. Think of all the money which could be raised for charity if the Orioles had a Kangaroo Court today! :-D

    That's a fun photo; who's the player in the background? I recognize him, but can't quite place him.

  2. Oh man. If I had pulled that Frank Robinson card, I would have been scratching my head for hours. But thanks to this post, I'm an educated man. I wonder who received the heftiest fine and what the infraction was.

    1. Click the link I added in red in the post. Wonderful story from The Hardball Times re: the history of these shenanigans!

  3. I wonder if teams still have Kangaroo courts.