Friday, July 26, 2019

Taking One (or two) For The St. Louis

I really don't like buying stadium giveaways but sometimes you just have to hold your nose (with one hand) and pull the trigger with the other. Case in point:

The Orioles had a Brooks Robinson bobblehead giveaway recently and my son Brooks, while not a collector, does have a few Brooks related items that he displays in his office at work. Since the giveaway almost fell on his (and his brother's) birthday I figured one of these would make a neat gift.

Of course, I needed one for myself as well 😇 so I pulled the trigger twice. They both arrived within a couple of days of the July 19th giveaway and mine is now displayed here.

I mentioned in my last post that we had traveled to St. Louis to help my best friend celebrate a milestone birthday. We had last visited a few summers back as we passed thru on our way to Chicago but this time we had five days to enjoy one of my favorite cities.

Here are another couple of pix of the vintage baseball game that was in progress under the Gateway Arch on Saturday morning. One of the younger players spotted my wife's Astros shirt and came over to talk. He was a Houstonian working in the area.

STL is a great town for food and a trip isn't complete without a stop (or two) at some of the wonderful Italian spots on The Hill.

We took in a lot of the sights during our stay but I'll (mostly) stick with the baseball highlights for this post. I do need to mention that I can testify to St. Louis being home to some nice brewpubs. We hit our share.

My first time in St. Louis had come in 1974. I dug up the photos I had from that trip and here is a bit of now-and-then that span exactly 45 years.

Took the above pic from the steps of the Old Courthouse near the Arch last week. Below is a shot from nearly the same spot in July of 1974.

It was a bit misty on Monday thanks to the outskirts of TS Barry but the trip to the top of the Arch was fun anyway. One of our group bailed out when he saw the size of the elevator 'cars' that get you to the top. I will admit I wasn't so sure about going up either. I hadn't remembered that claustrophobic ride from 1974.

The view in 2019:

Almost the same view in 1974:

After a couple of near misses thru the last few years, I was determined to get to a game in Busch Stadium. The weather was fickle and I had my doubts but it turned out fine. Sam and I 36 years, one month after he was the best man at our wedding. Oh, and Gibson.

Yes, I'm wearing a Cardinals cap. The things you do for friends, amiright?.

Busch is a really sweet stadium. The upper deck seems waaaay up there. The pics don't convey that as clearly as being there. I think they went 'up' rather that 'back' to gain enough seating given the smallish footprint they had to work with. In any case, it's a great place to enjoy a game. The mist stopped and the sies cleared after a couple of innings and the night turned out great.

My only quibble might be that the scoreboards are a bit much. Lots of stuff up there.

My wife and I had some really great seats.

But mid-game we headed out to join all the rest of the group in the bleachers. Postgame fireworks for a nifty Cardinals win.

If you've never visited St. Louis you're missing out on one of America's great cities. I'm looking forward to returning.


  1. As a native St. Louisan, you did a good job with your write up. Where did you stop on The Hill? Long ago while I was teaching there, one of the families at my school owned one of the restaurants in that neighborhood. Great place, but it's hard to go wrong in that part of town.

    1. A couple of places with Anthoninos being the best.

  2. The "before" and "after" shots were great!

  3. I remember the trip up the Arch. Those "capsule" seats were pretty unsettling back then when I was young and adventurous, I don't know if I'd be able to get into them now.

    1. And they really try to pack you in. As a guy with moderate claustrophobia, I wasn't really enjoying the ride.

  4. Love the Brooksie stadium giveaway. I have to pick one up myself as well. I guess I’m just a bit cheap when it comes to these items and I really don’t want to pay over 20$ for a giveaway item. We’ll see how I do.

    By the way I like how you have yours displayed.

  5. I don't blame you for having to buy the Brooks bobbleheads.

    Looks like you had an amazing time in St. Louis. I would really like to get to a game at Busch sometime.

  6. Agreed, I enjoyed your comparisons with 1970's StL!

  7. That bobblehead is cool... but those seats you had were much, much cooler. That view was awesome!