Monday, July 4, 2016

Wacky Packages....they served their purpose

One of last month's eBay purchases came with a few 'extras'. The seller stuffed the small plastic case with filer in the form of Wacky Package cards stickers. I think these are the first time I've ever actually had things like this in my hand. According to this WP 'fan site' they were introduced by Topps in 1967. 

I vaguely remember them but they came after my die-hard collecting days of the early to mid 60s. I'm pretty sure my younger siblings had these things plastered to their school notebooks and binders.

These kind of things never appealed to me anyway so it's not surprising that I don't have any memories of them. When it came to non-sports I was more of a Civil War News and Mars Attacks guy. 

But here are some of what the guy sent. These Awful Apps cards are actually pretty clever. I got a grin out of them.

The rest are the typical Wacky Packages stickers. I scanned the reverse of the first two. No further explanation needed.

I know a bunch of fifth graders that would find this next one hysterical.

This one had tape damage. I'm guessing that these were received by the guy that sent them to me from someone else who likewise had used them as 'package stuffing'.

That's it. You were expecting something classy for the Fourth?