Friday, July 8, 2016

1952 Topps Look 'n See Pt. 1

Someone posted a card or two from this '52 Topps Look 'n See set back a few months ago and I decided that I needed a few for my collection. I found a small lot on eBay and I picked it up. It's been so long that I can't remember if it was a B-I-N or Best Offer. Whatever, it wasn't costly and I thought I post the best of the bunch in a couple of posts. It's a neat set containing historical figures on 135 cards. There is plenty of info on the set on the net including this page on the PSA website. Another good resource is the Cardboard Connection site. The set is broken down into several subsets, Famous Americans, Military Men, Inventors, etc. Babe Ruth is the only athlete on the checklist and there are some fairly reasonable examples of his card floating around. I'm not planning to chase many more of these but the Abraham Lincoln and a few others are tempting me.

Not much to add to the cards, the write-up on the back is a bio with a trivia question. The answer is revealed by placing the provided sheet of red cellophane on the back of the card. I've seen the cello sheets on eBay before although there doesn't appear to be one up now.

Obviously my little group isn't in very good shape. I'd rate them as "ATACC"...Acceptable To A Casual Collector. That rendering of Whistler makes him look a bit creepy.

P.T. Barnum looks like an actor but I can't quite place who it might be.

These are 2"x 3", smaller than what we now consider the standard card size. I've scanned one next to a '58 Topps to demonstrate the difference.

One more for this post, Ol Jeff Davis. His name has adorned a bunch of schools and a hospital in my neck of the woods. But little by little that is changing. 

I've got a few more to post. These things are growing on me.