Monday, July 18, 2016

Billy Pierce Print card

This is the second Billy Pierce card done by Edward Vela that I've picked up. The first was an 'unlimited' print card with BP in a portrait pose. As I mentioned in that post I really like this guy's work.

I've always felt good 'sports art' is hard to come by and when I find someone whose work is enjoyable I'll pick up things I can afford. Vela does all sorts of stuff and releases all kinds of cards but his baseball work is what I like the most.

This one was numbered to 9 as are most of what he puts on eBay. It cost $8 with free postage which is 2 bucks more than I paid for my 'jumbo' Archives packs which yielded me nothing much to speak of.


  1. That is about as beautiful as a baseball card could possibly be! I'm going to have to go check out this guy's work ASAP.

  2. Gorgeous. I like Mr. Vela's artistic style. After I'm done reading the rest of my blog posts, I'll have to see what stuff he has available on eBay.