Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Freeing Carl Yastrzemski

Nearing the end of my quest to complete the '63 Fleer set and I was down to just a handful of cards. Yaz was one of them. I found a decent enough copy very reasonably priced on eBay and won it with a $14 bid.

The down side? It was in a case. My vague rule of thumb....If it isn't some big-time valuable card and it's needed to complete a set it's coming out to breathe. Busting cards out of their plastic 'prison' always makes me nervous because I've messed up my share but Yaz wasn't all that difficult.

Ten minutes with a couple of small screwdrivers and the Boston hero was back on the scanner and then into his waiting slot in the binder.

You can tell by looking at the top scan that the corners are not as sharp as the scan of the 'free' Yaz make them appear. No matter, I'm very happy that Yaz is out of the case and in the house.

Just a couple of these to go. Let's hope my snipes hold up.