Friday, November 20, 2015

A Battle of Wills

I needed a Derek Norris card for my Fantasy Baseball collection. Well, to be honest I wanted a 'Derek Norris as a Padre' card for my Fantasy Baseball collection. I had a Norris card but it was this one:

Wrong team, wrong year and you can't even see Norris' face.
Off On A Tangent Comment: Lots of folks love these kind of cards but I'd rather that a guy's base card at least show me the player in a way I'd recognize. But that's a debate for someone else's blog.
Back to the the Norris '15 Opening Day card. After my fantasy year was over I went through my binder. I looked for any card I could reasonably 'upgrade' from 'placeholder cards' (minor league card, wrong team, die-cut card, etc) to one with the guy's correct team.

I found the Padre Norris card with a "$1.15 BIN or Best Offer" price on eBay. I usually try to limit my fantasy cards to no more than a buck including postage but this was the cheapest one I saw. (Yes, cards are cheaper on COMC and SportsLots but with those I have to wait to buy enough to make the shipping worthwhile). Just for grins I offered the guy $1. He declined and counter-offered with $1.08 (LOL). So here we were, a dealer and I in a showdown over a crummy 2015 card and 7 or 8 cents at stake.

My online poker days are behind me so I just folded to his bluff and paid the $1.08.

I really like how bad ass Norris looks in this shot. Too bad he did nothing for my team in the week or so I had him.


  1. Replies
    1. I kind of felt like one myself offering a buck but then again when I see an "Or Best Offer" on something I want but don't 'need' I always figure I might as well try to save something.

  2. You should have countered at 1.03

  3. I try not to get too silly with offers and counter-offers because I worry that someday that eBay user will list something I really 'need' for my collection and won't want to deal with me. I tend to buy from the same pool of sellers repeatedly so I want to keep up good relations with them, especially the ones with hard-to-find stuff, like the guys I get my Japanese cards from.

    1. But I am often tempted to troll the guys who have ridiculous prices alongside a Best Offer button. There are a lot of threads on the Blowout forums dedicated to Best Offer shenanigans.