Saturday, December 7, 2013

David Clyde

This is the latest addition to my modest David Clyde collection. Much nicer then the last addition to it. Much better picture on this Fleer/SI 'Greats' of the Game card. Plus it's an on-card auto.

I discussed my connection to David Clyde on that post linked above so I won't go through it again here. But I will repeat that both my Dad and I saw him pitch and immediately thought of Sandy Koufax. 

Speaking of Koufax... I keep missing out on an autographed Koufax card with lowball bids. But I have patience. I kept on bidding on various '58 Mantle All Star cards until I hit one after years of bidding. I have no problem waiting.

And I found this picture while googling SK. That's a lot of baseball talent.

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  1. I'm impressed that you (went to school with / knew) a ballplayer before he became famous.

    The closest I've come is to have went to high school with former Philadelphia 76ers' president Pat Croce.