Sunday, November 10, 2013

So I bought a pack of hockey cards

Really, I did. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey. But I bet I haven't bought a pack of hockey cards since the Pro Set cards circa 1990. But I was killing time in a Target store yesterday while my wife was shopping. I looking at the stuff they had in the card display aisle and I was totally uninspired by what was available in terms of football and baseball. But I just had the 'itch' to buy a pack of SOMETHING, anything.

And I spotted an open (and probably untouched) box of this:
I opened them at home and saw there were only five cards. I guess I shouldn't be surprised given that a) that's probably pretty much the norm these days for anything that not a base set and b) it says 'five cards' right there on the pack but I didn't bother to read it.

Anyway the cards I got were pretty nice. No Rangers were in there but at least most of them were either from Original Six teams or a team I root for over in the West.

Those first two guys I know nothing about (I like hockey, that doesn't mean I follow it all that closely). Doug Gilmour is another story. He played for just about every team in existence and was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame a few years back. This is my favorite card out of the pack because he is, well, a H-O-F guy and that Leafs sweater is just about as nice a uniform element in existence. Love the Leafs' gear.

One of my sons is a big Avs fan and he is pretty pumped about Patrick Roy's coaching job so far. 

Here is a look at the back of one of the cards. Nothing special. 

The fifth card in the pack is a New jersey Devil. Ugh.

Too bad is wasn't THIS card:

Or this one:


  1. Even better was the Leafs logo of the Original Six era.

    1. I saw Mahovlich play. I'm not sure if that's cool or just makes me old.

    2. And you're right that's an amazing logo

    3. And you're right that's an amazing logo

    4. Both ;) I'm with you. I saw Hull and Mikita play.

  2. The NHL and I have been estranged for a number of years now, but I still sometimes wear the replica Leafs jersey I got while on vacation in Toronto 15 years ago.... And then I have to explain to people that I just like the jersey, I no longer follow the Leafs or any other NHL team.

    Every now and then I think about buying a hockey pack, and I'd wonder how many players I'd even heard of would be in any pack. Your pack gave me an an answer to that question. Gilmour's the only one that I had any familiarity with... In fact, I didn't even know that Roy was the coach of the Avs until I read your post.

  3. I loved 90/91 Pro Set... one of my favorite hockey sets. Actually... I miss Pro Set football too. Sorry you didn't pull that amazing Tundra Sixes card... that thing is pretty awesome.

  4. We'll make a hockey convert out of you yet! Agreed that the GIlmour is the only one there worth having. :)

    Like baseball, though, I think the fun is in the vintage.