Saturday, November 16, 2013

Help a Fella Out, Will Ya?

I opened a pack of Topps Update and I was happy to see an Andrew McCutchen card among the others of guys I've mostly never heard of. I really like McCutchen. I had him on my fantasy team this past season and he was a real star (Ed. note: I finished last in the league. Maybe I should learn more about the other guys on these cards?).

This afternoon I was waiting for some updates to run on my laptop and was examining the cards. I wasn't totally sure Gerrit Cole or McCutchen was the 'forerunner' part of this combo so I turned it over and found this:

The write up features Pedro Martinez and Allen Webster and says nothing about either of the Pirates. Is this a trick? Part of a puzzle subset? An error? I looked at one eBay listing for the card and it was going for $1.00 and didn't say anything about it being an mistake so I'm guessing it is supposed to be this way.