Saturday, November 16, 2013

Help a Fella Out, Will Ya?

I opened a pack of Topps Update and I was happy to see an Andrew McCutchen card among the others of guys I've mostly never heard of. I really like McCutchen. I had him on my fantasy team this past season and he was a real star (Ed. note: I finished last in the league. Maybe I should learn more about the other guys on these cards?).

This afternoon I was waiting for some updates to run on my laptop and was examining the cards. I wasn't totally sure Gerrit Cole or McCutchen was the 'forerunner' part of this combo so I turned it over and found this:

The write up features Pedro Martinez and Allen Webster and says nothing about either of the Pirates. Is this a trick? Part of a puzzle subset? An error? I looked at one eBay listing for the card and it was going for $1.00 and didn't say anything about it being an mistake so I'm guessing it is supposed to be this way.


  1. I don't have the card but that's a goof. Topps never corrects mistakes like that anymore though.

    1. Yup, today I tried googling the subset and didn't see any reference to some 'match up the backs' contest so I figured it was an error. Kind of think that they would have lots of errors as much stuff as they pump out these days.

  2. Trading card database lists this as the correct card. All the other cards in the set match.. so it appears to be an uncorrected error:

  3. That's a bit strange. I think not even Sherlock would get what Topps is at to.
    Maybe they are just comparing the vintage 2 with the nowadays stars, no?