Saturday, May 4, 2013

PWE from a Feathered Friend, and questions for the group

A week or two ago I got an envelope from Night Owl, one of the more prolific and enjoyable hobby bloggers out there. (This was before he trashed my main man Dennis Martinez but I'm going to let that little hiccup slide.)

Anyway, back to the envelope. Inside was a nice stack of modern Oriole cards including several 2013 Topps. He also sent along a Heritage or two and a Bowman. All of which I didn't have save one. Now while I don't go out and buy many current cards I do like having some and they are especially welcome when they are 1) Orioles and 2) guys I need for my fantasy baseball team binder.

Everyone has seen all the 2013s they need to see but I will post two cards that I got from NO.

First is a Heritage Jason Hammels.

I still enjoy the idea of Heritage cards, probably because I'm not inundated with them. And the '64 design is still pretty nice. Plus, like the next guy, I had him on my team last year. I also like the throw back Rookie Trophy they used on this Nolan Reimold. I remember seeing 1958 Topps cards, getting a few packs of 59's as a gift, actually buying quite a few 60s but the 1961 set is the first one that I actively tried to complete. So this design brings back memories.

Here is one 2013 that everyone has seen but I'm posting because it may be my favorite in the set (at least among those I've seen). I may not love the Orioles' 'softball' tops but in this picture it really looks great. btw... there is no actual evidence but this Machado strikes me as a 'night' card.

Now to my questions. Does anyone try to collect a complete Topps set these days. And if so, what the hell IS a complete set? I see all kinds of variations in border color and finishes. There are chrome versions, correct? And is Opening Day a part of the same set? Some of them use the same photos, right? How is it even possible to know what cards come in what colors?

Stop reading Night Owl. Thanks a bunch for the cards, I really do appreciate them. But flip back over to Blue Heaven or dodgerbobble or something. Everyone else, scroll down.

El Presidente!!!


  1. Ack! At least show him as an Oriole or something.

    A complete set, for me, is one "base" set, numbered from 1 to whatever the last card is. You know, like everybody did before the '90s.

    1. 1)I told you not to scroll down.

      2)And your complete set definition makes sense but I'm a product of olden times. I tried to get every variation of every card. No way I could even attempt that these days.

      Full disclosure: I don't have each of the Spahn variations in my '59 set. But I still call it complete. I'll look for the real hard one some day.