Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mail Call 2

I really enjoy Corey S's Adventures in 1952 Topps blog. Putting that set together, even in less than pristine condition, is a formidable task. The set is a classic and I only have one or two so following Corey's progress is pretty fun.

Recently he showed off a Larry Doby card from the '52 set and not long afterwards he showed off another one, in better shape, that he had acquired as an 'upgrade'. I'd commented on how much I liked the Doby (a nice batting cage pose, aren't those cool?).

Not long afterwards Corey emailed me for my address and then sent his original Doby my way. That's it at the top. Anyone that reads my babbling here knows that a touch of lost cardboard, round corners or off center pics don't bother me in the least. I love this card.

I like the fact that the '52 cards featured eye and hair color as part of the player data box. I don't know if that's been done since. Anyone? Doby is obviously an iconic figure in the game's history. And this is a far superior card to my other Doby, my 1959 version. So I'm pretty pleased to add it to my collection. Thanks again, Corey!