Thursday, June 28, 2012

Frank is In The House! And In One Piece!

A couple of weeks ago I showed my newly arrived Frank Robinson bobblehead which sadly had not survived the trip from Cincinnati. The eBay seller quickly issued a refund and off i went to eBay again to find a replacement. I bought one for about what I had been refunded and it arrived the other day.

I can tell you that I opened the box with some trepidation since it didn't appear to have been packed all that well. But Frank was intact and ready to claim his place on my office's shelf of  rotating bobbles.

Here he is in his Red's (Red Leg's?) home white and red pinstriped sleeveless uni, a really sweet look. He's in good company now. This is sort of a Mt. Rushmore of my sports heroes.

Here's a view of the whole shelf as it looks today. I'll change it up with different bobbles every once in awhile as the mood strikes.

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