Thursday, October 8, 2020

My Five Favorite Pink Cards

Collecting Cutch is running a contest to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Here is his intro post with the details. I can't keep up with the parameters due to some projects but I figured I'd contribute one post at least. Hey, I LOVE pink cards, always have. That, and the fact that my sister is just getting over fighting this battle, is why I'm trying to help in some small way.

The list is restricted to cards I own. I've seen a few nice ones on other blogs over the last few days but I'll just show mine. In no order (except the last one) here they are.

'65 Topps Clemente. He had some really nice cards in his time. Who doesn't like the '65 set and it's Clemente, shown with a nice closeup in a pink frame. I've always liked how the team colors were reflected via the pennant on the Pittsburgh cards (and some of the others).

Yaz at Yankee Stadium and happy to be a ballplayer. I can't recall a Yaz card that was issued before this great '66 issue that had him smiling. It's a good look for one of the greats.


Bobby Layne was kind of like Stan Musial and Ted Williams. They were winding up great careers when I was just beginning to appreciate greatness in athletes I watched. My father had some stories of watching Layne play against his Giants, but like Williams, I can't remember having seen him although I'm sure i must have. Full disclosure...that's not my scan. Mine seemed out of focus for some reason and I don't want to dig the card out of the whatever random box I have my aborted '58 Topps build hiding in.

'58 Ryne Duren. Another guy my Dad loved. He never failed to tell me about Duran squinting in to see the signs and throwing warm-up pitches into the screen, all in an attempt to intimidate hitters. I'm not sure how it escaped me until now that Duren is wearing an Athletics uni on this card. Seems like airbrushing out the piping would have been even easier that adding a NY logo to the cap. 

This last card is my favorite pink card. I just showed it here last week. Hey there, Gibby!


  1. The "Curse of Bobby Layne" still going strong some 60 years later.

    Good Job. 👍

  2. Boy, you're right--seeing Yaz smiling is WEIRD. Not in a bad way, but unusual.

    Hope your sister continues to be well and has good news!

  3. My dad also grew up on stories of Duren. One time in high school he tried throwing his warmup pitches wild and into the screen like Duren, but it didn't really work. All that happened was that his coach came out and asked what in the world he was doing, and whatever it was, to stop it.

  4. That Ryne Duren is fantastic. I wish the Angels had been a team in '58 so I could have a team set.

  5. A. Awesome idea for a post. Wish I would have thought of it. Normally, I'd have no shame in borrowing/copying your idea, but I don't think I'll have time to properly research for that post and give it the respect it deserves.

    B. That being said... seeing that Bobby Lane reminded me of my "pink" Starr from the 1959 set which would definitely make my Top 5.

    C. I love that Clemente. It's my second favorite Clemente behind his 56T card.

    D. All around great stuff. Thanks for sharing Commish!

  6. Love that Clemente! Thank you for participating and supporting