Wednesday, September 23, 2020

RIP Gale Sayers

 I had intended to post a wonderful gift package that arrived yesterday but I'll hold off a day or so on that. I just saw the headline announcing the death of Gale Sayers. He was 77.

I've been a football fan for as long as I can remember. Sayers, as I have droned on about many times here, was as dynamic a player as I've ever seen. For pure jaw-dropping ability he ranks up there with Jim Brown, Lenny Moore and Barry Sanders. His career reminds me of that of Sandy Koufax. He wasn't around long, but while he was, he was dazzling.

I'll re-post some of the Sayers items I've shown here before. And finish off with a video or two of his highlights. First, one of the best cards I own. His Philly Gum RC from 1966.

Trust me whan I tell ya this video is worth the time.


  1. Another legend lost. Rest in peace Gale.

  2. Great Sayers collection. Very nice tribute post Bob. Sayers videos are always amazing