Thursday, December 6, 2018

My First IP Signature

A year ago I posted my story of meeting Elston Howard and his signing photos for my best friend and I. When I posted that I was still trying to locate the photo. I came across it last month along with some cards I had given up on. But that story will hold for now. I just wanted to post my Howard photo tonight.

I used my picture editor to crop out much of the very wide border this picture had.  It is actually about 11"x14" but the photo itself is maybe 7"x10".

You have to look really closely to see the inscription and signature. It's faded quite a bit over time. Yes, he signed it to 'Bobby Andrews' which is what I went by growing up.

Even cropping the inscription and blowing it up doesn't help much. but there it is. Looks like a pencil sig but it's actually done in black ink. And it is one of my few really meaningful autographs.

I'm very happy that I finally found it.


  1. Very cool piece of your collecting history. I honestly have no idea who my first in-person autograph was... which is kinda sad. Maybe one day the memory will miraculously pop back into my head.

  2. My first (and maybe only in-person sports autograph was Joe Frazer, who signed a sheet of paper for me as he was coming off the plane in Philadelphia, returning from the 1964 Olympics. (I think Jack Kelly Olympic rower and brother of Grace Kelly) signed it too. Then my parents framed it along with the photo from the newspaper of the medal ceremony. I know I have it somewhere, but haven't seen it for decades.

  3. Nice photo with an even better back story.

  4. Glad you found it...time to get it framed!

  5. Very nice! I always liked Elston Howard, though I remember him as a Yankees coach; he always seemed to me to be too classy a guy to be coaching for Billy Martin.

  6. Awesome. First in-persons are the best. I'm glad you still have yours.