Monday, June 25, 2018

A Graded Jackie Robinson

This is the third of three graded vintage cards I acquired in a fit of spending frittering away my kids' inheritance over the last few weeks. And among the cards I own this one jumps up near the top of my list of favorites. This '55 Topps Jackie Robinson has rounded corners but it's all in one piece and the colors are still nice so it'll do just fine for me.

I've wanted to add a career-era card of this iconic player for a while. I'm not sure what kept me from picking one up other than always having other projects occupying my attention. This time I used an eBay coupon code to land something not for a set or player collection, but just because I felt I should have it.

There are more popular JR cards out there. Obviously, the 1949 Leaf would qualify. And for my money, his 1956 Topps is more attractive. But this fit my budget and I do like the '55 design quite a bit. 

One thing I noted on the back of the card was that in the write-up Topps referred to the Dodgers as 'the Brooks'. I lived in Brooklyn when I was very young, spent many summers there at my grandparents' house and knew plenty of older relatives that had been Dodger fans during their time back east and I've never seen or heard that particular reference before.

It's also interesting that Topps was detail-oriented enough to list Jackie's height as 5' 11 3/4". 

And so ends my trio of postwar graded acquisitions. I have a few other cards from the 50s that I picked up within the last few months and I'll get them scanned and posted. I also have some Charles Bender cards and some 1962 Topps stars I'll post. I don't think I'll take on a '62-specific blog anytime soon (I'm too far behind with my '58 and '60 set blogs) so the better 1962 cards will show up here.


  1. Nice vintage trio! I had a '62 Mays once, but not a '54 Ted. Both are great cards but I think this Jackie is my favorite - '55 "Brooks" are fantastic in any condition-especially a legend like #42.

  2. Great card in any condition! Congrats!

  3. wonderful pickup! you can never go wrong with a Jackie!