Monday, January 4, 2016

Billy Pierce 8x10

I am back from a fantastic Peach Bowl trip to Atlanta and I think it's well past time to push Murray Christmas off the top of the blog.

A few weeks back Mark 'Friend Of All Blogs' Hoyle pointed me towards this print from Manny's Baseball Land that weirdly features a shot of Pierce with an airbrushed (and totally inaccurate) Giants cap. I can't say I've been aware of airbrushed 8 x 10's at all. This is obviously a shot on Pierce in a White Sox uni taken at Yankee Stadium.

He was dealt to the Giants in November of 1961 so we are looking at something sold the following year. By '62 the Giants had been in San Francisco for four years. Couldn't the "artist" have taken the extra time and effort (maybe 5 seconds) to more accurately replicate the interlocking 'SF'?

Then again these were targeted towards kids like me back in the day so I'm sure it didn't matter in terms of sales. Manny's was about the only place that large size photos of players were available unless you cut up your magazines.

It had been quite awhile since I had added anything to my Pierce collection so as soon as I got the link from Mark I was all over it. Thanks, Mark...and Happy New Year to all.


  1. That hat is awful! I guess it's so bad it's good.

  2. Hadn't seen that photo before! Glad you enjoyed the Peach Bowl.

    1. Thanks, Mike. Peach Bowl was way past awesome. And Atlanta had a lot to offer. We had a super trip.

  3. The airbrushing might need some work... but those stirrups are awesome!

  4. Glad I could help spend your money.