Wednesday, June 3, 2015

From the TriStar show #2

Sometimes you just buy a card because...."Oh, I like that card!"  These are the other four cards from the bargain tables at the Tristar show on Sunday. These two 61s, well I don't think I need to explain them. They just jumped out of the stack and into my hand.

Up top Vic Power (one of the great names ever, yes?) poses in Yankee Stadium circa 1960. And below it's Wally Moon wearing the Dodgers' road uni and a huge grin. I can't tell where this photo was shot, maybe Spring Training. Wherever it was the Topps photographer did a great job. The '61 set isn't everyone's cup of tea but it really does have some neat cards.

I've seen this shot of Brooks a thousand times but it's a new card to me so for 50 cents I figured 'Why not?'. It's Topps Triple Threads and for the life of me I can't figure out the meaning of the name. T'aint no threads involved as far as I can tell.

This '58 Rube Walker is another card I couldn't pass up. I had a catcher's mitt just like that one with the stringed pocket that I used through high school.

Two things about the back of the card. Someone neatly date-stamped it with '1958' below the card number. And the cartoon refers to Rube as 'Lead Foot Rube'. You have to love that. 

Looking ahead to my next set chase I'm trying to decide whether to chase the 1958 Topps or the 1957 set. I've got enough 1958s to fill a dozen or so pocket pages and it's sure tempting me. But that's a long way off.


  1. 1961 does have some great shots in it - I think people are turned off by the large percentage of hatless sweaty balding headshots. I flatly refuse to get a copy of Harmon Killebrew's 61 Topps card, it's just an ugly card.
    I picked up a copy of that Vic Power card last weekend, too! It is definitely a highlight of the set.

  2. I say '57 all the way, always preferred those over the '58s!

  3. I normally would prefer a card with a full background over one with a colored background, but I like 1958 more than I like 1957. Besides, I'm just being contrary.

    I've got the same Vic Power card for pretty much the same reason.