Friday, January 31, 2014

BALTIMORE Colt Guides....two steps closer (and a bonus!)

The day after I posted about adding a '55 Baltimore Colt Press Guide to my collection I won an auction for five Baltimore Colt guides, two of which filled gaping holes in my wantlist.

I won all five for a grand total of $102 shipped. Considering that the other guides from that era that I've picked up average $60 - $65 apiece I think I made out pretty well. The best part is that the guides are in remarkable condition. I do mean remarkable. They all look like they were put away when they were originally received and barely looked at. The covers are all clean and almost crease-free. The inside pages barely have a hint of the yellowing that is pretty much expected in publications like this. My scans can hardly do them justice.

The three dupes I got, the '59 '60 and '62, are all upgrades for those I already owned. I'll sell the three I'm replacing and if I can average $30 each I will have picked up the two new-to-me guides for next to nothing. Now I lack only the '56 and '77 (edit: I won a '56 today, hey!!) for a complete run of guides in the 'modern era' of the Baltimore Colts.


  1. Congratulations. The Colts have a special place in my memory. The only pro football game I ever saw in person was when my Dad took me to Soldier Field to see the Bears play the Colts. The Colts won by the way.