Tuesday, October 8, 2013

George Brett Wilson Glove card

One of the projects that has kept me 'off the grid' for much of the last month has been re-arranging my office/man cave/hobby room. Digging through box after box has turned up some interesting items. Many of which I hadn't seen in years (decades?) and whose origins are murky. (Anyone want a 1981 Red Sox(!) pocket schedule with Ralph Houk on the front?)

Anyway this George Brett-endorsed Wilson glove tag card turned up. I never owned the glove and have no idea how or why I picked up the card. These were attached to the glove with a piece of nearly indestructible plastic 'string' and I bet they still are but I'm not certain since I haven't shopped in the baseball equipment aisle in ages. 

There is no year listed but I'd guess the photo was taken prior to 1983 since that's the year the Royals switched from the arched 'Kansas City' on the road tops to the script 'Royals' wordmark. I think I can see the arched lettering through the airbrush job.

Wilson used this same photo on several other versions of a Brett glove tag. And I found what looks to be the exact model being sold on eBay:

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