Sunday, January 20, 2013

I Dig Pink Cards!!!

I somehow stumbled across what is called (I think) a 'sell sheet' for the upcoming 2013 Topps set. I wasn't really interested (I don't have many current cards) until I saw the PINK Marlins guy card! That got my attention. The 1959 Topps pink framed cards are some of my favorites among the ones I've posted on my other blog. They are pretty cool in a weird way. I'm particularly fond of one, the only '59 Topps that is part of my set that survived from my youth. That card is the centerpiece of the set for me even though it's the worst one in terms of condition.

I don't know much (OK, I don't know ANYTHING) about the 'parallel' cards that I see everywhere. Blue parallels, shiny chrome parallels, parallels that only show up at one store chain. I don't see how anyone, even the Topps people can keep it all straight. And how does anyone make a complete set? Does anyone even try?

Be that as it may, I was excited to see that there will be pink colored cards in the '13 Topps. I may try to find one or two if they are not too expensive. I gathered up some of the pink cards in my collection. Most come from the '59 Topps set obviously but I found many that I'd forgotten.

Some are 'more pink' than others. Most have at least a fair sized 'name box' in that color. I know some mid- to late 60's cards had pinkish accents like circles for the team name (I'm thinking Red Sox?). There are tons of others that I either can't think of or don't have handy. I don't have any other sports represented by a pink card in my collection. I'd bet there were some hockey and basketball ones.

edit: I found out that Topps already has put out some pink cards in the current football set. Sure enough there is one on this page. And a search turns up a bunch more.

1959 Bill Virdon

1959 Ron Kline

 1965 Roberto Clemente (the fabulous Mantle card is also this same dark pink but I don't have it. Maybe some day)

1966 Yaztrzemski. This is a pic I found on the net, mine hasn't been broken out of the grading slab yet and scanning slabbed cards makes me frustrated. But it's about as nice as this one.

1959 Kaline/Maxwell

1959 Junior Gilliam

1960 Topps Roy Face

 1958 Ryne Duren. For some reason the scanned color background looks 'off' to me. 

 1960 Russ Snyder

T206 Hal Chase. It looks orange or sort of 'peach' but it's pink (or it was a long time ago). As always my scanner erps out the t206s without some of the border. 

1959 Oisk

1958 Topps Jim Bunning

1959 Jim Brosnan

1958 Art F'ing Ditmar

Even football cards got the 'pink treatment' now and then. 
1966 Philly Gum Bob Hayes. The whole team set of Philly Gum Cowboys cards were pink for a couple of years. I'd like to get a '67 Don Meredith. 

1965 Topps Tom Day  

1958 Topps Bobby Layne 

1959 Gene Snyder

1959 Tony Taylor

and the King of all my pink cards..... 1959 Bob Gibson. Probably the only original 'one owner' Topps '59 in my set.


  1. Bob,

    Here are the pink 1967 Cowboys (led by Meredith).

    1. And there ya go, a treasure trove of Cowboy 'pink'. LOL That yellow/pink scheme is about as non-footballish as you'll ever see. I love it.