Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Project 2020 Sandy K.

On Monday I received this Koufax from the Topps Project 2020 effort from Justin, a friend I met a couple of years ago through Net54. He's a Red Sox guy and this was paired with a Ted Williams card he wanted and he was kind enough to send it to me knowing I do enjoy Koufax cards.

To be honest, I don't keep up with what Topps is doing with this project and the Topps Now cards. The card back tells me that 20 artists did twenty cards. I've seen a couple here and there on blogs and many of those were pretty abstract. This card, however, is close enough to the original to be recognizable. And since the iconic '55 Koufax is one of my favorite cards ever, it's a very welcome addition to my collection.

The artist is Lawrence Atoigue and I'm guessing he's done or is doing, 19 other cards for this project if I'm following the description correctly. From what I saw on their page the 20 artists are doing their own versions of the same cards. From what I saw this is one of the better Koufax'.

I may go check some of the other ones out. I think keeping it in the holder is probably for the best so it won't go into the binder. But my original '55 Sandy is in a slab as well so they can keep each other company in my box of graded cards.

Thanks again, Justin. It was very nice of you to have had me in mind for this. You've inspired me to actually read my emails from Topps!


  1. Very cool. I just purchased my first Topps Project 2020 cards a few weeks ago. Not sure how long it takes for them to print and ship them, but I thought I would have already received them.

    1. My first order was June 9th, I have not received the cards, they are super behind.

    2. Oh man. My order was place over a month after yours. I guess the waiting game begins.

  2. Hey! Someone just sent me that card, too!

  3. Out of what I’ve seen so far of project 2020 this artist is one of my favorites.