Monday, September 2, 2019

This Post Goes To Eleven

This Is Spinal Tap is one of my favorite movies. If you are unfamiliar with it (and I can't imagine anyone who would be) it a 'mockumentary' chronicling the North American tour of an awful '80s British rock band. It's freaking genius.

It was the brainchild of Rob Reiner who directed it and plays film director Marty DiBergi. This 36 card set was produced for the 2000 re-release of the movie. I bought this at a card show several years ago for a few dollars and stuck it in a box that I recently pulled from my closet.

This is card #1, the 'cover' card

The cards were still in the shrink-wrap. The glossy finish caused them to stick together somewhat, the same way some of the early glossy baseball sets did.

One of, if not THE iconic scene from the movie is the one where Christopher Guest as Nigel Tufnel is interviewed for the 'documentary' by Marty (Reiner). He shows off his guitar collection and the Marshall amp that "goes to 11". One louder indeed.

This card highlights that scene.

Here are some random cards from the set. Some of the pictures they used were a bit murky and not all were cropped well but the set is a lot of fun for a Spinal Tap fan.

Added comedy break...Spinal Tap getting set for their first post-Nigel gig, at a theme park.

June Chadwick was perfectly cast as the ultimate rock band girlfriend.

Clip of their on-stage 'showmanship'.

Fred Willard has a memorable role and in this clip he discusses it.

This is Spinal Tap is highly recommended!


  1. ...But is there a card of one of the drummers spontaneously combusting? "All that was left was a small green globule"

    I was cracking up all over again just watching the clips in Siskel & Ebert. I had no idea that there was a card set; I'm going to have to seek it out, plus watch the movie again once I've got the DVD player hooked up again.

    1. No combusting drummers but there is at least one with reference to the 'curse'. Also one with the hilarious "Puppet Show and Spinal Tap" marquee. I'd forgotten how funny the whole bit was.

  2. Great movie. Year 2000 high-gloss cards seem kind of out of place for the movie. Early '80s cardboard would've been better.

  3. Great cards, great movie.

    I kind of agree with Night Owl that early 80s cardboard would have been better. BUT what would have been the best is if they issued a card with the artwork from their Black album on it.

  4. In college I had long hair and a foo-manchu. I got more than my fair share of Spinal Tap references...

  5. Now I'm going to have songs from the soundtrack in my head for the rest of the day. Which isn't a bad thing, I guess. Heh.

  6. LOL!

    But you forgot this picture:

  7. One of these days I'm gonna sit down and watch this movie.