Saturday, September 14, 2019

Signed by Legends

These two items were Net54 pickups. I don't collect many autographs but I've always wanted a Jim Brown signature and this was hard to pass up.

I used to regularly buy items from Gateway Stamp when they were in business back in the 80s and 90s. Their catalogs were amusing (and sometimes hard to decipher!). But they had cool stuff.

This was one of two available Johnny Unitas items. I didn't care much for the artwork on the other one, so I chose this one instead. I have a couple of Unitas signed items but when you get the chance to add something from your childhood hero, you do it.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to get caught up on packages I've received, cards to be sent, and slogging through my '74 Topps set build. All that to be updated soon.


  1. Two impressive autographs there! Also a great little postage stamp cartoon on the Jim Brown card.

  2. Congratulations on adding autographs of two of the all-time greats to your collection - especially Johnny U.! As a one-time stamp collector I love the cancellation on both of these. I love the "Windy City" cartoon on the Jim Brown - it adds a "back of the card" element to the item. I was puzzling over the cancellation on the Jim Brown item. "Chicago? 1984?" After a quick search I found out that Brown's rushing record was broken by Walter Payton in Chicago on October 7, 1984. Should've guessed that. :-)

  3. Wow. Two autographs of NFL legends in one post. Sorry I've been dragging my heels with your package. This has been a crazy start to the year now that I'm teaching a new elective. I'll try to get those 74's (and a few other goodies) out to you sooner than later buddy.