Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bobby Locke Additions

Well if I'm gonna be a Bobby Locke 'supercollector' I might as well dive in head first. I added a couple of items via eBay last week. Neither is spectacular but both are pretty cool.

First is a Jay Publishing B&W 5x7 from 1961. Jay's put out these photos as well as un-official yearbooks for a bunch of teams back then. The photos were sold in 'packs' at stadium concession stands. I remember buying them at Manny's Basebals Land across the street from Yankee Stadium as a kid. 

Next, a 1967 Seattle Popcorn card. These were stadium giveaways that came with a box of popcorn at Seattle's Sick Stadium. The Seattle Angels were an affiliate of the Angels in those days and Locke was up-and-down between the majors and minors. The card is about the size of Topps '75 minis and the ones that they stuck in some packs of '17 Heritage. .

The Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards says the year can be determined by the list of sponsors on the back.

The Seattle Popcorn series ran from 1954 through 1968. Here is the SCBC entry for them:

Locke has a few more oddballs floating around out there. I don't have the time or energy to track them down at the moment but over time I will probably find them. It's fun to have a project.


  1. Seattle Angels stuff is really cool. I love those old popcorn cards. I have a team photo signed by Dr. John E. Olerud (John Oleruds dad) who was a catcher for the Seattle Angels in the 60s.

    1. Didn't know that about the Oleruds. He's a prof at WSU it seems.

      btw...Albie gets his wings today.

  2. Had to take a second look at the 5x7. It strikes me as having a very football flavor. Nice.