Monday, April 9, 2018

We Interrupt This Dusty Card Blog..... bring you a picture of modern cards!

Found myself in a San Antonio WalMart this weekend. Was buying a jacket (I need to check weather reports before traveling) and cleaning supplies (working on in-laws rental property). I figured a card purchase would be a nice break from the drudgery. This particular WalMart had a very small card section tucked in next to the cigarette case register. There weren't even the boxes of Yu-Gi-Oh stuff and weird brand 2016 football draft pick card packs I find at Houston big boxes.

They did have twenty-card hanging packs of Heritage so I made my first retail purchase of 2018 cards. This stuff is very old news to everyone so I will just post this pic of a few of the cards on the desk at the Hyatt.

As you can see it was a Manny Machado hot pack and I got another Oriole so it wasn't a wasted $5. And I got lots of guys with beards. I don't understand the connection between Lou Brock and the Miami guy but then again I haven't read the back. I'm guessing it has something to do with stolen bases.

I got one guy I needed for my fantasy baseball binder. All things considered, I got my money's worth. But have no fear..I'll soon be back to posting cards that smell like my grandmother's winter coat closet in Brooklyn.


  1. Off-topic:

    I like your log header! I have that Combat! card (among others) and I think the Batman card (isn't that card #1?). I may also have the '62 Fleer Callison.

    I started collecting sports cards in 1967, but before that I collected Combat, Batman (artwork sets and 1966 movie), Beatles, World War II, McHale's Navy, Green Berets, and Monkees cards. Those were the days!

    1. McHale's Navy! I hadn't thought about that show in a long time. I loved it. I remember having some of those cards, too.

      I tried to stick everything I collect into my header. I might have missed a few things.

    2. The funniest McHale's Navy episode I can remember is the one I mentioned in this blog article. What I didn't mention there was that, later in the episode just when everyone is convinced the war is over, the Admiral shows up, and McHale's ploy is ruined.

      Just as McHale is going into his "humina-humina" stuttering, a Japanese PT boat pulls into the harbor to surrender. Seems that they also heard the broadcast, and assumed the war was over. Of course, the Admiral congratulates McHale for his ingenuity (much to Captain Binghamton's dismay)!

  2. Congratulations on the Orioles hot pack!

    Btw... Brock and Gordon have been featured a few times on Heritage Then & Now inserts. Pretty sure you're right... it has to do with stolen bases.