Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Since I'm Up

Watching the rain and live coverage of rescued flood victims being staged at my local WalMart I might as well post something.

I picked up this Salada Elston Howard coin not long ago. One of those 'what the heck' bids that I made and forgot about until I got the email saying I had won.

Nice addition to my Elston Howard PC. I hate leaving it in the holder but these things, like the metal Topps coins, get 'worn' pretty easily otherwise.

Our storm status is unchanged btw. It's rained most of the night but it hasn't been heavy so the water is not pooling on my block. The end of this rain may be in sight. then it'll just be a matter of not having any of the rising tributaries affect us.

I saw today that this will end up as the single largest rain event in US history.

And on Tuesday the alleged potus is coming. Haven't we suffered enough?

Love these two pics. Can't say enough about the first responders and hundreds of volunteers who have saved lives here.


  1. Glad to hear you're still dry. As more rain is dumped to the east I was wondering about you. We've been very fortunate - 36.6 inches of rain here and our street is still draining like a champ. Looks like Brays is about to go back in it's banks at Lawndale too.

  2. The holder reminds me of when my Dad collected coins back in the day. Nice old oddball. Glad you're still OK. So many stories. You're POTUS comment made me chuckle. I hope he doesn't use his response to this tragedy as another way to pat himself on the back.

  3. The top photo is exquisitely touching. Lovely. Yes, you have suffered enough. I too, chuckle.

  4. With a natural disaster as devastating as this there aren't many positive things to turn to. But seeing people come together to help each other is one of them. Maybe our fearless leader will learn something about compassion and humanity from his trip down to Houston and Louisiana.