Monday, August 7, 2017

Card show haul

OK, 'haul' is a bit strong but it was a well spent two hours on Saturday. First thing I did was show the infamous OPC 1970s to show promoter/dealer friend Darrell who took them back and offered me full credit and then some. I used that at his cheap-o vintage tables to hit some other folks' want lists and scrounge some cheap vintage for myself.

I have great memories of the Post and Jello sets of the early 1960s. There were plenty of them available Saturday and I took about a half dozen. Since I have almost no issue with whatever shape these are in I could easily be persuaded to chase one of the sets.

The Don Mossi and these next three are from the 1962 set. I probably should have bought every one he had (at .50 apiece) but I wanted to grab a few other things I saw.

Daddy Wags Leon Wagner. The Angels should cut the foolishness and call themselves the Los Angeles Angels again just so they could go back to this cap.

Pinch hitter deluxe Smoky Burgess. Not cut very well but I always remember that I was one of the kids who loved to cut the cats apart after we finished the boxes.

I'm sure I have this card of Hoyt Wilhelm already but I grabbed it anyway. Hoyt was awarded the Purple Heart after serving during WWII and being wounded in the Battle of the Bulge.

This is a '61 Hector Lopez. I always liked him because my father did.

Not every card I bought was vintage. This shiny Bowman looks way better in hand.

PSA has graded 75 of these 1965 Topps Embossed Boog Powell cards as 'Mint 9'. This is not one.

I'll end this post with a '68 Dooley Womack. I once had the idea that I would put together a Ball Four 'set comprised of a card  of every player mentioned in the index of Jim Bouton's book. It would have been what bloggers now refer to as a 'frankenset' but back then nobody knew that term. I don't know why I never went through with the goofy notion. It would have been fun!

I'll post the rest of the show haul next time.


  1. While I never came out and told myself that I would collect everybody from Ball Four, reading that book did make me gravitate towards certain players, and Dooley Womack became a player I collect. The only thing keeping me from completing my PC is the fact that Womack shares a rookie card with Bobby Murcer, so it's a little pricey for a casual collection.

  2. I'd love if the Angels returned to that cap. I once received that cap for my birthday because my mother mistakenly thought it was a Dodgers cap. I wore it proudly as it was the first cap I ever owned.

  3. That's a cool Aaron. My old man was wounded in Battle of the Bulge also. Wouldn't that be something if him and ol' Hoyt knew each other!

  4. You used to cut the cats apart after breakfast? You're a sick man Commish! Just kidding buddy.

    I think you should go after the Ball Four Frankenset. It's never too late to begin and you've got Womack out of the way.

  5. Womack's final card as a Yankee! In '69 he appears in the set as an Astro (actually a 'Houston') but was traded to the Seattle Pilots in mid-season for....... Jim Bouton.

  6. Those Angels' caps had a white halo on the top, as I recall.