Thursday, June 29, 2017

Orioles Topps Now '17 Season edition

Back in February I got the Topps email advertising their 'Road To Opening Day' sets. I'm sure most everyone reading this is on Topps' mailing list and got that email as well. I dismissed it immediately because I wasn't in the mood to spend $49 for the set. But then I noticed something odd.

The 'autographed' version, which was selling for at least $99 or more for each team was priced at $49 for the Orioles. I figured either a) it was a mistake or b) Topps didn't think much of the Orioles. But either way it was enough for me to go ahead and bite. I was guessing that if Topps caught the error they would give me a choice to buy at the real price or cancel. But nothing ever came of it. 

That is until I got this email:
Dear Customer, 
We are writing to notify you that there will be a delay in shipping out your Topps Now Orioles Opening Day Autographed set. We do expect these sets to ship in the next few weeks. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience
The Topps Now Team 
Wasn't sure what to make of that but the set showed up on Monday. And sure enough it had an autographed card:

I guess that's autographed. 'Scribbled on' might be more accurate but it was pretty much a bonus so I won't complain. And hey, it is Manny Machado.

I'll post the whole set here without a lot of comments. These are really and truly beautiful cards. Scans don't dur them justice. I'm the first to criticize Topps for many things...yes, Topps Now is geared towards 'big market' temas, it's pretty expensive on a single card basis, etc. But credit where credit is due: they make these things very attractive.

And the unsigned Machado card was included.

One last thing. The signed Machado came in it's own Topps Now cardboard sleeve and was wrapped separately. When I opened it I saw this:

It took me half an hour to get the card out of the case. Why? Because I had no idea magnetic cases were a thing. I thought it was some sort of new screw down holder and the metal deal was a weird safety mechanism. I even tried an Allen wrench on it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  If you look close you can see I scratched the case and even damaged it at the top near the tab or whatever it is. Live and learn.

Looking back I'm glad I only shelled out $49 on this set. At that price I think it's worthwhile. But not $99. Not for a guy who doesn't really collect signed cards.