Thursday, June 8, 2017

'17 Archives...One and Done

OK, technically it's Two and Done since I bought a blaster and a single pack but what the heck. Nothing much to say about these that hasn't already been said a thousand times on better blogs so I'll keep it short. The collation in my blaster sucked. Bigly. I got 19 dupes. In a seven pack blaster. That's ridiculous! So any thoughts I might have had about buying more...gone.

The designs are fine. I liked the 1960 design in 1960. And the year they had it in Heritage. This is cool as well.

The orange Rookie Star cards are just as cool as the originals. One of my favorites.

I noticed that the Bregman RS card is on thinner stock than the other faux 1960s. Dunno why.

1960 card backs were awesome. Loved the Season's Highlights.

I got two Jeters. (shrug)

Same Bregman photo shows up in the '59 Bazooka-style cards.

Some sort of new/old design insert thing.

Coins!! I like these.

The '93 design is pretty nice on these. Congrats to Topps for not recycling the same old tired photos of the long ago guys. And stop the presses! I got an Oriole!!

I think Night Owl made the point about them going to the '82 well once too often. Yup. That Whitey Ford tho. He had one of the coolest cards in last year's Stadium Club and of the ones I got in this Archives blaster his is again the best card. Nice of them to do a Pettitte card with him not in a NYY uni.

Those are the highlights of my 2017 Archives venture. Blaster and a pack ran me $26+tax. This is me thinking about this.