Sunday, June 11, 2017

Birds from an Owl

I've been very fortunate to have 'met' so many generous fellow bloggers over the years I've been doing this. Three of them hit me up with envelopes that arrived over the past few days. I'm going to post them in order received. The first is from Night Owl.

He packed the envelope with Orioles from recent-ish releases because he knows that's the only way I ever come across any. My luck at pulling Birds from packs whas seen a slight uptick this year but it's still pretty abysmal.

First I'll mention Topps Bunt and the Manny Machado card up top. Bunt is no doubt my favorite 2017 Topps baseball set. I really like the 'beam of light from heaven' effect. OTOH... those one color 'parallels'? Pfffft.

No way is this card as nice as the regular version. And get off my lawn dammit.

Back to Night Owl's envelope.

O's need "Crush" Davis to actually do some crushing. I saw the Orioles lose three straight in Houston over Memorial Day weekend. It was not very memorable. It marked the third straight year I've sat through an Astros sweep of the Orioles. Not fun. And as I type this the O's are getting their second consecutive ass kicking in Yankee Stadium. Oy vey.

I didn't know '1975 minis' of current players were a thing. Happy to have this colorful one of Manny Machado. NO also sent the Crush A&G mini which I scanned with the Machado for scale.

I had a couple Of Orioles Hometown Heroes but not any of these. These are like the lovechild of '65 Topps and their '58 All Star cards. Would they be better if they were licensed?  Sure but whatcha gonna do? This is my second favorite Panini effort behind the '14 Classics set.

Bundy and Gausman...two of the guilty parties.

Is Moose available?

We finish up with three Orioles stars, and Ben McDonald. I wonder if he's available. He couldn't do any worse than the guys the O's are throwing out there these days. 

Flipping through my Orioles binders is a good way to avoid facing the reality of terrible real life baseball. Putting these in pages will be good therapy. Thanks, Greg!!


  1. I am really mad at the Orioles and Cubs right now. They are not beating teams that need to be beat!

  2. Nice cards from Mr. Owl. While I understand it's completely coincidental, I like how in your scan McDonald's arm "becomes" Palmer's glove.