Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Star Wars Stickers...yes, I actually typed that

I bought these last summer on a trip to Dallas for a coaches convention. I was in a Target looking for baseball, or football or anything to rip as I recall. I bought these and a pack of Topps baseball stickers. Why I chose a pack of Star Wars stickers I'll never know. Because it was there I guess. And I think it was marked down. I've already shown the baseball pack.

I know squat about Star Wars other than it's the biggest movie franchise in the US. I saw a couple of the early films but I never really followed the plot line so I was more and more lost as it spun by. No matter. I can appreciate the near universal love it's gotten over the last 40ish years. And watching Carrie Fisher in that outfit was nice even if I didn't know wtf they were all talking about.

Anyway the pack had five stickers. Having scanned this first one but not having it in front of me is a problem because I don't know what it is other than someone or something dragging a sled.

Next...it's Yoda!!!

And then .....Stormtroopers. (<---according to Wikipedia that is the correct spelling) Hard to imagine how much work went into all the costumes for these movies. You've got to be pretty confident that you'll have a hit in order to invest that much. These guys are the coolest things about the movies to me.

Well this was disappointing. A narrative sticker. I suppose if I had the whole set in the album I could follow the story with these but I'd rather have more Carrie Fisher stickers.

This one scanned poorly btw.

This is the best one by far. It's a bigger, sparkly Darth Vader. Pretty cool, no?

All in all not a bad way to spend 79 cents. My wife does academic testing and she uses stickers a lot to bribe kids to behave motivate kids. So these will be put to good use.


  1. I love Star Wars and I love trading cards, but never have I meshed those two worlds together. But then again, I've never really been a non-sports card guy at all. Nevertheless, I think some kids are going to be fighting over that shiny Vader!

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    2. I've often traced my scarcity of Star Wars enthusiasm (only half in jest) to the fact that I was very likely far too drunk to read that long scrolling prolog to the first movie. I sobered up in the early 80s but at that point I was already behind

  2. You pulled Yoda! That's the case hit. Well... maybe I'm exaggerating. But I can't imagine there being a cooler sticker in the entire set.