Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Like Music

It's not all about sports for me. I enjoy music just as much. Nowadays, maybe more. I have no talent personally although I did try (with mixed results) teaching myself to play the drums on my son's set after he moved to college. 

And I like all kinds of music. Classic rock, country, electronic, Ranchera, R & B, opera, pop standards, whatever. I listen regularly to Andrea Bocelli, Waylon Jennings, Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Vicente Fernandez, Ray Charles, Daft Punk, Merle Haggard, the Beatles, David Gray (my favorite), Whitney Houston, Gary Allen, the Leningrad Cowboys, Moby and Marvin Gaye to name a few. 

And my wife and I love live music.  We recently found ourselves in Austin and made our way to Stubb's where we listened to a ska band. I didn't know much about that sort of music but we had a great time! At 60 I was easily twice the age of anyone else in the place but I didn't care. It was fun.

Today is rodeo parade day in Houston. I don't care much for the rodeo and I hate venue like Reliant Stadium for concerts because the stage is out in the middle of nowhere. But there is usually a fair roster of acts coming through town and this year we'll see Gary Allen. This time of year brings me back around to country music. Contemporary country sucks but the classic stuff never gets old.

My favorite artist is country legend George Jones. He's the only singer I know that can make the word 'you' come out as three heartbreaking syllables. I've seen him live countless times, from small seedy clubs to Gilly's famous (though now defunct) venue to concert halls. When he's sober (and he has been for all but one or two shows I've seen) he's just a marvelous performer. 

These two autographed cards are my only actual pieces of music memorabilia other than some concert programs, pictures, ticket stubs and my old vinyl collection.