Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kellogg's 2012 Team USA Olympic Cards

Since I'm a guy who avoids the Olympics as much as I can (they let the pros in, use crooked refs and judges and never show wrestling anymore) I'm not as burned out as most of you probably are. So when I passed this box of Kellogg's 2012 Team USA cereal on a Kroger endcap I was intrigued. It's been awhile since I've seen any food issues. Particularly cereal box issues. I know there are some, maybe a lot, but I haven't bought much cereal since my kids grew up.

I had assumed there are different cards on different boxes but a cursory googling didn't help me there. I only found pics of the same cards I got on my box. I DID find folks selling these boxes on eBay for $8.00 or so, or at least trying to.

EDIT: I found a thread on some card forum that indicated that these cards were also printed on at least one other Kellogg's cereal, Rice Krispies. The poster showed a scan of the front of the box and there was nothing there to indicate the cards were on the back. I find that kind of weird.

There are eight Olympians on this box, six of whom I've never heard of. I remember Summer Sanders as a swimmer and kids show host and you simply can't avoid the beach volleyball women (I don't know why that's in the Olympics but that's another story). The rest don't register with me but I'm sure they do to some of you.

Kellogg found some pretty good action shots of the athletes to use here. The 'Team Kellogg's' logo is a bit too big but the cards are attractive for a promo issue. The cards are not standard size measuring 2 3/8 by 2 3/4. The back of the cards contain a blurb about how each of the athletes got their 'start' in their sport.

Obviously my skills with a pair of scissors isn't much better than it was back when I was chasing Post cereal cards. And before you ask, the cereal itself tastes pretty bad. A 'vanilla' flavored cereal sounded odd and tasted that way as well. Most of it ended up in the trash although my dog seemed to like the handful I gave him.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... Summer Sanders still looks pretty good.



  1. Vanilla Cap'n Crunch was the bomb back when I was a kid, but it's probably gross now ... if they even make it.

    I love the Olympics, still. But beach volleyball is an abomination. How NBC could pretend that it was on the level of other sports just made me ill.

    Another blogger featured these cards, too. Can't remember who.

  2. I don't remember the vanilla Cap'n Crunch. LOL

    I used to watch a lot of the Olympics. I'd follow the boxing and wrestling closely, hoops too. I remember being in my dorm room watching the '72 BB team get screwed royally against the Soviets. IIRC they didn't accept the silver medals. But that may be just my mis-remembering. And the Roy Jones Jr. 'loss' in Korea pretty much killed my Olympic interest. But my wife was glued to all the swimming and gymnastics this year.

    I did a google and Wordpress blog search for this issue and didn't find anything on them but I did see your Olympic cards postings listed. I might have not searched using the right keys, I'd love to see some other opinions on this little 'set'.