Friday, May 20, 2016

Rangers from Jedi Jeff

The other half of 2x3 Heroes' Jedi Jeff's envelope contained New York Rangers. Their "effort" in this year's playoffs reminded me of some teachers I know at this time of the year....'Let's get this over with so we can go do summer stuff'. Golf does have it's charms I guess.

Anyway these cards from Jeff remind me of better times. Mike Richter up there is a Stanley Cup winning goalie. I like typing that. And Mark Messier...well when he was on the ice you knew there was one guy out there who would do whatever it took to win.

Remember when hockey players didn't wear helmets? I do. Heck I remember playing without a helmet. Crazy.

When I think 'Wayne Gretzky' I never think 'Rangers'. And that puzzles me because he was with NYR for three seasons. You know what else I never think...'St. Louis Blues'. He played 18 games with them.

More foil that doesn't scan well. Trust me, these are nice looking cards.

I loved Pat Verbeek, he could score. But if you believe in the +/- thing his numbers don't look that good.

I was sick when the Rangers dealt Carl Hagelin. One of those salary cap kind of things. And I was sicker still when I watched him the other night skating for the Pens. I kind of hope he gets his mane on the Cup...then again, maybe not.

Martin St. Louis' tenure with NYR was short but sweet. And buying his jersey taught me to never again buy a player specific piece of clothing, especially one as pricey as a hockey sweater.

Brian Leetch...good times.

Rick Nash....poof..a disappearing act. But SP has some really nice cards, no?

Zoook! He's like Messier, always doing all he can.

These are really sweet hockey cards. I really appreciate them Jeff. Wish I had a team I could root for because I miss watching Cup playoff games.


  1. My "team" missed the playoffs again this year. Makes watching playoff hockey a lot less stressful and more enjoyable. Sans the fact you know it won't be "your" team raising the Cup. Definitely watch.

  2. I'm not the person to be making hockey recommendations these days... over 10 years of being pissed off at the NHL... but the Blues are the oldest team to have never won the Cup, plus they haven't been in the finals since 1970. On top of that, St. Louis lost the Rams, so they could use a boost. If I were watching the playoffs, I'd be rooting for St. Louis.