Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cards from Jedi Jeff...ok, I don't have a meme-like title for this

OK, I haven't completely abandoned the ship but I've certainly been neglecting the helm lately. I've been involved in a non-sport project lately that's kind of taken over my collecting focus and I'll post some of that next. Today I want to show off some cards that Jeff of 2x3 Heroes sent my way awhile back but I haven't acknowledged until now. Sorry about that, Jeff.

I'll break these into two posts as Jeff sent cards for fill two needs. Today I'll post Orioles cards he sent and in my next post I'll feature NY Rangers. I still need some time to get past the pain of the Rangers' lame, gutless and pathetic and whimpering exit from this year's NHL Playoffs. 

Anyway here are the Birds!

Frank Robinson shows off some hardware in a Topps History of the Game card. never seen this picture of FRobby. He was the 1966 MVP. Heady days indeed.

This is a sticker from a Wacky Pack-sort of insert set.

I really miss having Nick Markakis in B'more. Last I checked he's back to wearing the 'scruffy' look. But he was clean and classy in this Upper Deck card.

Gregg Zaun was 38 years old when this card hit the market. He looks 60.

A Panini Brooks. Not a bad no-logo card. Oh, btw....Happy 79th Birthday to my baseball idol. Brooks stands for everything right about sports.

JJ Hardy fills an open slot in my 2015 Stadium Club binder.

Big Lee Smith. His only year with the Orioles was 1994, the strike/walkout/lockout year. That was the last year I followed baseball prior to my own 'walkout' that lasted about 15 years. '94 was a really good season for Smith as he led the league in saves and made the All Star team.

Arthur Rhodes, another larger than life Orioles pitcher. He was better in other places.

Assorted 90s era Birds and other things. I must have been asleep when Vlad Guerrero was an Oriole. EDIT: I just looked him up and see it was 20111 and his last season. He hit .290 so there ya go. the other three had some memorable moments in Charm City, both good and bad.

Kevin Gausman reminds me of NASCAR driver Bobby Labonte in this one.

And finally a couple of guys who had interesting tenures with the O's. Mora's days with Baltimore were winding down when I started to pay attention again. He and Brian Roberts were established and popular and the attention they got made me feel like I had missed something.

Thanks again, Jeff. I really do have some stuff for you. It's just taken me some time to get it together.