Monday, May 2, 2016

1992 Shell Oil Presidential Coins Set

My father wasn't a collector (so I didn't get the bug from him) but he did decorate his home office with items related to his long time employer, Shell Oil. Mostly it was the sort of stuff you find at Michael's and Hobby Lobby...'vintage' Shell signs, 'antique' miniature Shell gas pumps, that sort of thing. He had a few die-cast tanker trucks as well.

He also kept some of the Shell service station giveaways that we'd picked up through the years. Yes, gas stations used to do that sort of thing. And we always, always, ALWAYS bought Shell gas. That's a habit I have maintained to this day.

I have a few of his items stored away and every once in awhile I come across something Shell related that catches my eye and I grab it if the price is right. This Presidential Collectors coin set hit a couple of my areas of interest. It was an early 1990s item and there are a couple of different types of coins/holder I believe. I have no memory of the promotion at all. I'd have been all over it back then I'm sure.

Anyway the eBay seller listed it as 'complete'. It was dirt cheap and I didn't examine it all that closely before I pulled the trigger on a B-I-N. If you look back at the picture up top you will notice what I noticed as I took it out of the package. Yup, two Teddy Roosevelt coins and no Thomas Jefferson. I wasn't put off much by that. I'd seen the individual coins available so I found a single Jefferson and ordered it for a couple of bucks and then messaged the set seller just to let him know.

As I said I wasn't angry about it. This wasn't an item I'd been 'chasing' or anything like that but I figured the seller should know. He immediately messaged me back with an apology and offered to find the Jefferson coin for me. Then he sent me another message when he somehow found that I had already purchased the replacement and he reimbursed me for the cost of it. He's obviously a good seller who made an easy-to-make mistake. He had packed this thing as if it held the nuclear warfare launch codes.

Here is the Jefferson, front and back. It arrived on Saturday and it's in better shape than the coins in the original set but some bronze clearner will remedy that.

Bottom line is that I ended up with the complete set plus and extra of one of my favorite presidents, Teddy Roosevelt.

Here is the info from the promotion as printed on the back of the coin holder.

And here is how my set looks now with the correct coins in place. I put he ruler there for perspective.