Saturday, September 26, 2015

Non Sports from the Card Show

I've taken time off from posting but after picking up these non-sports cards at the local card show a week ago I'm inspired to get back into the swing of things.

These first two come from Topps 1956 Roundup set. There were 80 cards total. Eight Old West legends were included, each getting ten cards. 

There is some great artwork on the, front and back. 

The backs form a running bio of the subject. Note the "See Card No. 32" on the back of the Wyatt Earp.

Her's Wild Bill Hickok. This is the #1 card in the set. I didn't realize until now that I have the 'front' card of each of these gentlemen. The rest of each grouping of ten shows more action, not a portrait.

Others in the set are Kit Carson, Daniel Boone, Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill, Jesse James and Geronimo. Speaking of Geronimo.....

I have a handful of 1930's Goudy baseball cards but this is my first one from the 'Indians' set. There are 260 in this 1933 issue. I'd love to see them all together in a binder. The back is pretty hard to read.....

....and there is no way that write-up would fly today. Interesting stuff to be sure.

The final card is from the 'Flags of the World' set, another Topps issue from 1956. I collect the cards that reflect my family's convoluted heritage and the Italy flag joins Germany, Portugal, Great Britain and France in the binder. Once I pick up the Mexico card I'll be done.

These four cards set me back a total of $7. I'll make that deal all day, every day.


  1. Finding that Geronimo for under $15 is a very good deal.

  2. I've just never been a Western guy so the flag is may favorite, though I agree Geronimo's got to be up there with Sitting Bull as sought after cards.

  3. Great stuff! I just got my first two cards from Flags of the World earlier this year- unfortunately they were trimmed, which I didn't notice until I got home. (they were 50 cents each, so I should have realized it was too good to be true, but I was in a rush and didn't notice) The other two sets still elude me.

  4. Very cool cards! Those Flags of the worlds especially, I love how they have the, "how they say," language lesson on the back. New follower to your blog!

  5. Amazing. I've got to add the Earp card to my collection. Been a fan since the 90's when Kurt Russell played him. Heck I even liked the Costner version too.

  6. Only missing the Mexico card!? After getting it you must have to do a trip to every country and take a photo somewhere with each card in each country ;)