Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I Feel Guilty...but Grateful

I take a month or so long sabbatical from this blog and yet the card packages keep coming. A week or two ago I got a stack of Orioles from Shane at Shoebox Legends. He didn't 'owe' me anything but sent the Birds just because. 

And every one had a place to reside. The chrome-a-fied Adam Jones, Jim Johnson and Brian Roberts are now making my fantasy baseball player binder a bit more shiny. All three of these guys were represented by common cards. Not anymore.

Here are a couple of new-to-me Brooks Robinson cards. I will never tire of Brooks cards. I'm going to need a bigger binder for him soon.

Stadium Club Bud Norris. I thought I had all the Orioles in the SC set but I keep finding new ones. I liked Norris with the Astros and even more with the Orioles. I saw him chatting up a group of O's faces earlier this year in Houston at a time things were most definitely NOT going his way. I was impressed by that.  He's moved on to the Padres now. I hope things work out for him. He was a real mainstay for the O's in 2014.

An finally a couple of Chris Davis cards. He has a lot of 'following the flight of a long drive' pictures on cards. I hope the O's find a way to resign him.

Shane also sent along a Manny Machado card, the only card I already had. But my original one was in my fantasy binder, the new one goes into my Machado collection.

Thanks again Shane. The cards are much appreciated.